Services ⇨ Backup space

We recommend the backup space for small businesses, companies where it's important that the backup data is always available.
You copy your backup onto our server and we automatically make daily backups of it. In case of emergency you can access your important files anytime, anywhere.
The service is accessible via FTP protocol and several users can use it simultaneously, so it's even practical for dataexchange between offices!
For accessing your data we always provide the maximum bandwidth your provider can manage.

Price of the service:
  500MB   8 000 HUF+VAT/year Order  
  1GB   15 000 HUF+VAT/year Order  
  2GB   21 000 HUF+VAT/year Order  
  3GB   27 000 HUF+VAT/year Order  
  4GB   31 000 HUF+VAT/year Order  
  5GB   35 000 HUF+VAT/year Order  
  50GB   15 000 HUF+VAT/month Order  

Our servers' uptime is checked by Hyperspin