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With our email service you can easily get a constant working, not regularly changing email address. You choose the second part of your email address, it can either be your own domain name (, or if you don't have an own domain name, we can provide you a type address.

The advantage of this service compared to free providers is that our servers run virus and spam filters. This way you won't get the dangerous contents and spam can also be directly redirected to the trash. Keep in mind that most of the viruses spread via email! Don't give them a chance to infect your personal computer.

As another advantage we can boast of the diversified connection opportunities. Our clients can access their mail round the world via webmail, or they can download the messages via POP3 or even IMAP protocol. We can also provide SMTP service, at request.

Price of the service:
  10 MB address   6 EURO/piece Order  
  50 MB address   10 EURO/piece Order  
  100 MB address   12 EURO/piece Order  
  200 MB address   15 EURO/piece Order  

Our servers' uptime is checked by Hyperspin