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Our SSL webspace solutions are not only for webshops, but for every page where important data are sent over the webserver (orders, credit card numbers, personal information, passwords). With our safe space packages you get a 256 bit encrypted website for a reasonable price!

When using a traditional webpages all data is sent unencrypted, available to sniff for everyone in the network. With our officially signed SSL certificates your site and visitors are safe!

Service   MiniSSL   SSLStart   SSLBusiness
Webspace:   50 MB   100 MB   200 MB
Email address:   1 pc, 50 MB   5 pcs, altogether 100 MB   10 pcs, altogether 200 MB
FTP accounts:   1 pc   2 pcs   4 pcs
PHP 5.4:   available   available   available
MySQL:   available   available   available
.hu/.com domain registration:   available   available   available
SSL certificate, IP address:   available   available   available
Yearly price:   13 000 HUF+VAT   16 000 HUF+VAT   19 000 HUF+VAT
One .hu or .com or .eu domain registration with full DNS service free!

The packages above include a domain checking certificate and the dedicated IP address that is required because of technical settings!

We currently provide SSL webspace on servers in Germany. You can request an IP address and certificate to any other package for 17 000 HUF+VAT extra for one year.

Our servers' uptime is checked by Hyperspin