The WAI (Webenlét Administration Interface) is a self-developed web-based administration interface where our customer can conveniently manage our services using a simple browser.

Thanks to this system most settings can be done by yourself, without the need for waiting for our staff. The usage of the system is obvious, but in case you need assistance, we are happy to do the modification for you.

The functions of the interface are developed according to the need of our clients, currently the following options are available:
  • view and modify personal information stored in our system;
  • WAI password modification;
  • view domain names stored on our servers;
  • create new subdomain, modify existing subdomains;
  • access statistics;
  • add, modify, delete user allowed to access statistics;
  • test bandwidth;
  • MySQL information;
  • PHP information;
  • space usage;
  • create, delete email address (anything@something.domain.com address supported);
  • create, modify, delete email alias;
  • create, modify, delete email catchall address;
  • create and delete SMTP users;
  • email space usage;
  • create, modify, delete FTP account (start folder, IP address restriction, max. file size and amount can be set);
  • request support;
  • free tools for your site:
  • counter for your webpage;
  • formmail for your webpage;

Login to our administration interface

The administration interface in available in English, German and Hungarian as well.

Our servers' uptime is checked by Hyperspin